Media Aid Center                                                              
Building Bridges through Communications

Volunteers and partners make this place work. Without their support we could not provide the breath of experience and support to our community.



The MAC Report

The Media Aid Center's new web based magazine highlighting teen issue and every weapon in the battle verse boredom. The project begins in Feburary with the first web cast scheduled for 15th.

The goal is to create a place where young people can find safe free or cheap entertainment in the Los Angeles area. The newscasts will online and can be delivered to your cell phone or e-mail by subscription.

The website will be enhanced by additional articles about issues and topics of interest to young people preparing for college, work, and life. Community organizations will find this as a way to connect with L.A.'s youth.


The MAC News Network

As part of the MAC Report project, the Center has started an ambitious program to build  student run news bureaus in L.A. area high schools. Two of these bureaus have already been setup at Foshay learning Center and Augustus Hawkins High School.


At Home

Our main facility, at 7862 So. Western Ave. in Los Angeles, is getting an overhaul in preparation for an expanded set of services and support for the summer of 2015. New Camcorders, new cameras, new computers, and a room dedicated to supporting online radio for the community.


What we looking for.

Not all the equipment at the center is brand new. School constantly ask for projects and support that can be done with old gear.

If you have a digital still camera of 4 megabyte or more, a digital video camera either memory card or mini dv, flat screen monitor 17" or larger, or flat screen tv 32"' to 39" with a vga input we can put them to use. The donation is tax deductable.