Media Aid Center                                                              
Building Bridges through Communications

The Center provides during school, after school, online, and independent study programs in media arts and journalism for kids 14 to 74.

Who we are.

Our Mission:
"To build bridges of communications through
new media training and education,
and the development of programs aimed at empowering and enlightening communities."

The Media Aid Center operates a new media production training program in South Los Angeles. The Media Aid Center delivers an in depth and hands-on experience in new media production for the underserved adults and youth of our community.

This innovative program leverages our students need for work experience, to create ethnically and culturally sensitive issue oriented programs. The Media Aid Center combines education with the creation of services and infrastructure necessary for the community to support its cultural needs and civil participation.

What began as a few friends from the media industry providing pro bono services and support to Los Angeles' community-based organizations has grown into facilities supporting four South Los Angeles high schools and an independent community production facility. Over the nearly 10 years of operations, the center has served over 3000 young people with media training and an opportunity to learn about the greater world they live in.

The center has built facilities at schools that did not imagine the impact that media training has on the academic curriculum or its effect on the morale and dreams of our youth. Allowing students to acquire community service hours while supporting the community, honing their skills, and becoming engaged citizens has proven to be a training model that gives relevance to their academic exercises.

During the summer of 2013, the Media Aid Center will be expanding its presence to 2 additional high schools in the Los Angeles area. In the year where budget cuts and layoffs have challenged our high schools, the Center intends to support our students with media and journalistically based educational enhancements helping fill the resource gap could setback our schools for years.


Under old Management

After 10 years of operation, the Media Aid Center has determined  we have become an institution in South Los Angles education. To help us grow up, we have sought the help of Educate, Motivate, and Graduate (E.M.G.) Enterprise.

The founders of E.M.G. have been our partners on many projects, and their background and experience in nonprofit administration will add a strong foundation to our development. Under their 501c(3), the Media Aid Center has committed to create a sustainable funding and operational structure.  

E.M.G. Inc. will provide administrative, fundraising and developmental consulting support for the next three years of our programing growth. Acting as an incubator, E.M.G. Inc. hopes to sponsor more programs and start-ups supporting youth and adult educational empowerment.