Media Aid Center                                                              
Building Bridges through Communications

School and teacher shouldn't have to go it alone. The Media Aid Center provide technical and program support that enhances learning and creates a door for meaningful community involvement.

New Goals For The Center


“Things change” for years the Media Aid Center has built television studios on high school campuses and run after school programs in media. We built three locations like that. But once the program was established we would ask the school to assign an instructor, and we would hand over the program moved to another school and start all over again.

In this way, the center created from scratch or helped to complete four centers at local high schools (Fremont, Jordan, Crenshaw, and Duke Ellington) training over 4000 students in the process. In our absence issues common to all schools, such as cutbacks and the loss of teachers, some programs did not fare as well as others. Through an ongoing dialogue with educators, we began to understand a continued ongoing presence is the only way to maintain the momentum of the original programs.

The new facilities that we are building at Foshay and Augustus Hawkins high schools are meant to create a permanent media support service for the entire school. by collaborating with any teacher who feels that their classes can be enriched by media training or online distribution , the program broadens the relevance of each lesson.

This level of commitment requires a fantastic effort from the Media Aid Center. Both the funding and personnel requirements to establish each location must be found within the community itself. The program has the interest of more schools than we could possibly serve, however our staff and volunteers have pledged themselves to raise as much money as possible for local sponsorship and grants.

Local sponsorship will be the core source for all Media Center future projects. After all, if we do the job right the community will know and if we don’t, they’ll know that too.



Building a place for meaningful volunteerism.

One of our goals for 2015 is to create a series of programs and experiences for students with volunteers at the core. Allowing individual and companies to expand student educational opportunities by creating events, giving workplace tours, arranging interviews with interesting people.